Anyone planning a vacation in the popular southern European destinations and traveling by car wants to get from A to B quickly. The Bip&Go toll box makes things easier at the toll barrier. A simple box records passages and vehicle category in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Payment is then made by monthly invoice.

What is the Bip&Go toll box?
…it opens toll barriers in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The automatic passage with subsequent billing via direct debit keeps traffic flowing and prevents drivers from having to wait long at toll barriers. A monthly usage fee is added to the commission-free tolls. There are two models to choose from: “Flat rate” for regular use or “A la carte” for occasional use. The toll transponder is not tied to a specific vehicle and can be used in cars, campers (limited to a height of 3 meters and 3.5 t in France) or motorcycles. The toll box itself costs a one-off fee of €14, plus €10 shipping costs abroad. The box can be ordered on the German-language Bip & Go website. It is dispatched by Bip & Go within 48 hours of ordering and arrives in your letterbox 5-10 days later.

Where can the Bip & Go transponder be used?
The transponder can be used on all French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese highways. But also toll bridges such as the Viaduc de Millau, l’île de Ré, Normandie and Tancarville as well as tunnels such as Maurice Lemaire and some ferry connections in Italy. It can also be used to pay parking fees in many parking garages equipped with the appropriate technology.

Who is the Bip&Go toll box ideal for?
Basically, if you regularly travel to France, Italy, Spain or Portugal and don’t want to waste time at toll barriers, a Bip&Go toll box is worthwhile. However, it is often not clear to future Bip&Go customers for which vehicles. The toll transponder is suitable for any car with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons and a height of no more than two meters. Such cars correspond to vehicle category 1. Campers or cars with caravans up to three meters high and weighing up to 3.5 tons also benefit from the advantages of the toll transponder. They correspond to vehicle category 2. Digging out coins or credit cards in your leather suit is extremely annoying. Here too, the Bip&Go toll box provides a remedy. Motorcycles correspond to vehicle category 5 and benefit from a lower rate than cars. Only categories 3 (over 3.5 tons & over 3 meters high) and 4 (over two axles) cannot use the Bip&Go transponder.
Information on the vehicle categories

How does the Bip&Go toll box work?
The toll transponder primarily helps to keep traffic flowing at toll passages. There is nothing more annoying than being stuck in a traffic jam or queue on the way to your vacation. The easiest way for category 1 cars to pass through the passages marked “Réservé”. You can drive through these smoothly at 30 kilometers per hour without stopping. However, cars in this category can also use all other barriers marked with a “T” for Télépéage. At the T-passages, you occasionally have to make a short stop until the barrier opens.

Campers or cars with caravans in vehicle category 2 take the lane marked “T” with no height restriction. At some stations, depending on the signage, it is not possible to drive through without a short stop. If there is a thirty sign above the lane and there is no height restriction, it is possible to drive through without stopping. These are usually on the right-hand side.

As with category 2 vehicles, motorcyclists should drive through the lane without a height restriction, marked with a “T”. This way the motorcycle is recognized as such and the appropriate tariff is applied. It is worth knowing that you should avoid the lanes with height restrictions, as they only charge the more expensive car tariff.

There are now also free-flow routes in the various highway networks. Here, the passage at normal driving speed is automatically recorded by a portal. These are available in Italy around Milan, throughout Portugal, on some Spanish stretches and in France on the A79 and, from summer 2024, on the route between Paris and Normandy (A13/14). This system will be the future of toll freeways. If you pay with the toll box, you are on the safe side and avoid complicated payment alternatives.
Tutorial on the right lane

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