With both feet in nature

The founders, Alain Humeau and Guy Toulat, two complementary heads of character, were already on good terms when they first met in 1976. In 1989, with their heads full of ideas, they founded AJS, specialized in the manufacture of garden boots and clogs for working in nature, with its current headquarters in Saint-Germain-sur-Moine, France.

As the area is one of the most important horticultural regions in France, and fashion and footwear production are among the important economic sectors, it is hardly surprising that Alain and Guy specialized in garden products. Their stylishly fashionable boots and clogs are nonetheless unconventional, which is how they managed to spread their products throughout Europe via garden centers and DIY stores.

Since 2012, the range of colorful and creatively designed garden clogs, boots and gloves with distinct style has been offered under the brand „Blackfox“. Here, the black fox represents AJS‘ passion for gardening and nature. It also symbolizes creativity, curiosity and originality that goes into the products for outdoor enthusiasts. Indeed, behind the collections for autumn, winter, spring and summer are shrewd designers who always keep an eye on fashion, decoration and planting trends.

Recently, many people have reconnected with nature. Whether a newcomer or a traditional outdoorsman, Blackfox sees its mission as getting people excited about experiencing nature, and doing so with style and authenticity. Hence the brand claim „Les deux pieds dans la nature“ (With both feet in nature).

Speaking of nature: AJS takes this seriously. The company is committed to protecting bees by maintaining its own beehives. In addition, there are strict criteria in the choice of partners for article production. In particular, AJS looks at working conditions, quality and is constantly reviewing new materials and manufacturing methods that make the items healthier and more environmentally friendly.

The stylish garden boots, clogs, gloves and outdoor shoes from Blackfox can be found in garden centers or DIY stores as well as in the online store at:

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