France 4 Naturisme

France 4 Naturisme is the largest provider of naturist vacations in France. The group offers six vacation destinations in the category of 4 to 5 stars and stands for healthy naturism in a family context. The naturist vacation villages are located by the sea, on a river, in the countryside or in quiet natural surroundings. The campsites offer nudist bathing facilities, balneotherapy, spas and thalassotherapy. The sites are located in ideal surroundings for a nudist vacation: on the Atlantic coast, on the Mediterranean, in the heart of Provence, in the Ardèche and in Corsica.

Naturism: freedom and respect
Naturism is not just a fashion phenomenon, but a way of life, almost a philosophy! It is extremely enriching, enjoys more and more followers and the public is more diverse and younger. Where does this enthusiasm come from? First of all, naturism is about freedom. In addition, the positive influences of being naked on the body and mind have been proven. Finally, because with the clothes also disappear social differences. When the body is freed from useless constraints, relationships among people become more trouble-free. Naked we are all equal and more tolerant, while at the same time we learn to accept ourselves better.

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