A boutique agency that is close to its clients

About us

Other countries, other customs. International communication quickly becomes a challenge. It is difficult to get used to the typical culture of a country if you are not there yourself. Language barriers put obstacles in your way and the media landscape seems to be an insurmountable thicket.

Our vocation is to accompany companies and brands in international communication by making our many years of expertise, creativity and network available.

We are a boutique agency by conviction. We attach great importance to the fact that our clients can make a lot out of little and receive only the best solution. We also want the media to receive competent service and not have to constantly change contacts. Therefore, the operative business remains a top management issue.

In our values quality ranks before quantity. So impressively large ranges appear in the first moment. The costs for this are no less impressive and the coverage loss is only noticed at second glance. We are particularly interested in achieving an optimal result for our customers in the ratio of input and output.

We believe that long-term cooperation, based on mutual trust and respect, bears the best fruits. We have maintained close contacts with the media for around twenty years. They honor our work by voting us into the top 10 PR agencies. Likewise, well-known clients have remained loyal to us for many years.

Good communication has to do with humanity. Discover who is behind Ducasse Schetter PR.