Editorial office

Publishing and translations

The base for successful communication across borders is the right approach.

Literally correct translations of a text are in most cases not the best solution. A correct approach requires the careful adaptation of words, sentences and entire argumentation chains to the respective cultural environment.

We like to create texts from A-Z. That is our craft. We make sure that your message is accepted by the target group and that the text delivers conversions. It is important to us that the reader is drawn into the text, because that is what it is all about.

We support you with:

  • Editorial and translation of PR-tools (press releases, press kits, etc…)
  • Editorial and translation of reports, articles, advertorials, etc.
  • Editorial and translation of communication tools such as flyers, websites, social media posts, etc…

French to German (or vice versa),
English to German (or vice versa),
Italian to German (or vice versa)
Dutch to German (or vice versa)
other languages upon request.